Fairy Lights

On my journey through the United States, I arrived at Shanandoah Valley in New York to be greeted by the Irish connected to the Blarney Stone. Music, laughter and hard work all come from the Shanandoah Valley. One little kiss on the Blarney Stone opened up the land of the Fae! Dance, play and merriment meet us all, while the children are still learning the dance of the Pixies. What is the Irish Saying, Merry Meet, Merry Part and May Meet Again!

Who are the Black Irish? The black Irish is a term to describe the race of people from Ireland with dark hair and dark eyes. The term “dubh” refers to hair, eye and skin color features. Each of us has a different path that brought the Celtic people to Dubh Sith. In Dubh Sith, there is a strong connection to the fairy world. Instead of thinking the term negatively, I have decided to grab the mystical side of the term.

In cult fiction, there are stories indicating the Dark Irish have mystical qualities that are different than other Irish people. My Grandfather was a McDuffie which means Dark Peace. My other Grandfather was a McCoy, which translates to Son of Aohd, who was a fire God. If you read my song of the Bard, it indicates all our surnames. As my story progresses, I will write and post many articles that seem different. Welcome to our world...